20 Years Later – Still One Damn Fine Series

In a town like Twin Peaks, no one is innocent.

Belated anniversary premiere date wishes to what still ranks as this TV addict’s number one favorite series of all time – Twin Peaks. On April 8th, 1990 I was introduced to the quirky, creepy and always off-kilter world of Twin Peaks, Washington its diverse denizens and the stranger in a strange land G-man sent in to investigate the tragic death of the sleepy little hamlet’s prom queen. And as the haunting music over the opening credits suggests, not to mention having David Lynch as the mastermind creator, the layers of mystery that were about to unfold promised a beautifully, mesmerizing trip. 

Perhaps a little too adult for a still-developing youngster to be exposed to, looking back I can’t even remember why I was drawn to Lynch’s small screen masterpiece. Up until then I couldn’t think of anything better than ABC’s TGIF family comedy line-up – who could compete with the TannersWinslows, Balki and the hijinks in a family of 10 – so how did this one-hour drama filled to the brim with allegory and allusion that could keep not only film but art, history and social science classes talking for years beguile such an innocent mind? I’d like to attribute it to an unconscious knowledge that at any age someone can recognize and appreciate, even if they can’t fully understand, well-made television.

While I’ll never deny my indulgence in guilty TV pleasures both past (oh the sweet, original 90210 days of Brenda and Dylan) and present (those Desperate Housewives on Wisteria Lane, coincidentally the current residence of former Twin Peaks FBI agent Kyle MacLachlan) there’s also no denying that even 20 years later the cult series that spawned the whole cult series craze (you’re welcome X-Files and Buffy) and one that barely lasted two years remains the epitome for any serialized show that crosses my viewing path, particularly those of the mystery genre (another great but always placing silver, Lost), and frankly the hour-long television format altogether.

Happy 20th Anniversary Twin Peaks, now off to celebrate with a damn fine cup of coffee and a slice of cherry pie.

The entire series, including the hard-to-find original pilot, is now available to own or  watch online.

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