Reminisce and Revisit: SNL New Classic – Single…Ladies?

Another fantastic hosting job last night on SNL from my Fey-vorite. Leaving such a funny taste in my mouth (in the best way) I spent time revisiting landmark hilarity from the seminal sketch show’s past few years. The one skit I’ve found near-impossible to track down in decent condition has finally been unearthed! A five-minute beauty airing well before the slew of parodies that followed Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” video. Excellence all around from B-rilliant Beyonce, host Paul Rudd and surprise guest Justin Timberlake in his Emmy-winning year.

“Warmed up like dance biscuits.”

5 thoughts on “Reminisce and Revisit: SNL New Classic – Single…Ladies?

  1. Totally agree! This has to be one of the funniest sketched on SNL EVER!!! So glad you found a good copy. Can’t tell you how many times I e-mailed a bad You Tube link to friends who hadn’t experienced the joy. The only other sketch that has made me laugh as much was Billy Bob Thornton’s gay Thanksgiving sketch. Find that and we’ll be BFFs forever!

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