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Fall Premieres – Something for Everyone on Humpday

We’re halfway through a heady premiere week and Wednesday brings almost as many series premieres as season premieres. ABC, the network that continued to give us According to Jim even after we kept repeatedly screaming “Uncle!” tries to get back into the comedy game with two new laffers (one I’ve got more faith in than the other, even with the clout of a former Friend) and what might be a laughable attempt at offering a “new” adaptation of a story we’ve already seen twenty years ago in book and movie form. CBS has an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude with its unchanged midweek line-up. NBC gives us something old and something new.

Arresting Possibilities

Modern FamilyIt’s been some time since ABC has made me laugh (in a non-scoffing way) and it seems to have redeemed itself with half-hour comedy Modern Family, which I am giving the highest TVOYOT honor –  an immediate Season Pass. The variety of clips seen in their ads have all provided decent chuckles and a few hearty laughs, which I always take as a good sign that it won’t be one-note. On the surface Family seemed a bit mediocre, average at best (although seeing Ed O’Neill again on a weekly basis in a role that seems like an aging Al Bundy was an intriguing concept). While not being outwardly obvious in its dysfunctional humor, upon further inspection the tone bears a striking resemblance to that of the amazing Arrested Development and the characters as well-developed as the Bluth clan.

And Rebecca Romijn as Cher?

I will admit to being morbidly curious as to how a new vision of The Witches of Eastwick(always an enjoyable repeat viewing, who can resist Nicholson mugging as the devil opposite top-of-their-game Cher and Susan Sarandon)will play as a series. The fact that the first attempt just a few years after the movie was a hit (circa 1987) never took off, classified on IMDb as an “unsold pilot,” is a prime indication that Eastwick might not be long for the television world. Seems like the alphabet network slapped this one together quickly to cash in on the supernatural craze with this yawn-worthy Lipstick Witchcraft Mafia.

Worth a Season Commitment

  • 9/8c – Modern Family, ABC (series premiere)

Checking Out Once (Expect to Be Checking Out Quickly)

  • 9:30/8:30c – Cougar Town, ABC (series premiere)
  • 10/9c – Eastwick, ABC (series premiere)

Not For Me Before, Not For Me Now

  • 8/7c – New Adventures of Old Christine, CBS
  • 8:30/7:30c – Gary Unmarried, CBS
  • 8/7c – Mercy, NBC (series premiere)
  • 9/8c – Criminal Minds, CBS
  • 9/8c – Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NBC
  • 10/9c – CSI: NY, CBS