Glee, Glee What Are You Doin’ to Me?

Not to rant about tonight’s Glee, at times it was highly entertaining, although bloated with messages (being left out at home, less-than at school and lost about ones self/body image – it’s the teenage trifecta!), I do feel the need to express my dissatisfaction to Murphy and his musical minions in two areas.

Issue #1 – While I’m always greatful to have fellow Okie Kristin Chenoweth guesting on a show that appreciates and shines a spotlight on her amazing singing prowess, how could you ever put that perky blonde pixie in a roller rink setting and not choose something for her to belt out from Xanadu? Was it too obvious? I know you didn’t avoid it for being too dated – I loved Kurt giving us “A House is Not a Home” but it ain’t gonna burn up the iTunes charts. KChen can kill an Olivia Newton-John number as she so deftly demonstrated in an early episode of the gone-too-soon series, and one of my personal favorites, Pushing Daisies.

Issue #2 – Would it have killed you to bring in Idina for even the briefest of scenes? A little Wicked Will sandwich action would not have gone unnoticed nor unappreciated.

These issues aside, you did give me a wonderful duet in your Bacharach medley with a revisit to “A House is Not a Home” mashed up with “One Less Bell to Answer.” Burt is bliss.

One thought on “Glee, Glee What Are You Doin’ to Me?

  1. Well said! I couldn’t agree more. Especially about pairing Kristin and Idina together on screen. I think that was a big FAIL on their part. But I still LOVED the episode!

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