It’s Wednesday, and I’m Having Lost Withdrawls.

Not to say that my entertainment fix for humpday isn’t being fulfulled with other great shows (although this godforsaken World Series must end already so FOX will bring back new episodes of Glee!!), but there’s a little hole in my heart that can only be filled by a good helping of mystery from Lost. Last week’s oh-so-brief (a mere 15 seconds) promo for the final season that aired during Flash Forward certainly didn’t help matters, particularly as it offered no glimpses of what’s to come.

It did make me revisit more interesting (and decipher-worthy) videos courtesy the Comic Con panel from July.

And in other news, I’ve discovered an awesome piece of Lost art right under my nose at work!Lost poster by Eric TanCreated by a department colleague, he is one of only 16 artists commissioned by Team Darlton (exec producers and show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse) to capture significant moments and aspects of the show in commemoration of the final season – check out his blog detailing how he approached the piece. Each poster is steadily being revealed as the months to the January premiere tick off the calendar, and only limited numbers of prints are being sold on the website Damon, Carlton and a Polar Bear, but due to their exclusive nature all have sold out quickly.

4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday, and I’m Having Lost Withdrawls.

  1. LOVE THIS! I’m reposting on my blog with a link back here. Hope you are well, lady! Your blog is uber-fun for a TV addict such as myself. xoxo, Amy/Fergie (a voice from your past)

  2. (oooh…spooky disembodied voice from my past…ooooh) Glad you’re enjoying the blah-blah-bloggage. Since TV is also my mainlining drug of choice I loves writin’ about it. I now have a link to your own piece of the blogosphere – and your resume? Most impressive with that portfolio, my friend. Well done. I do hope my wordsmithing will one day produce things as stellar as your work.

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