Fall Premieres – Dramas, Dramas Everywhere

A tidalwave of dramas washes in with tonight’s schedule, led by consummate channel for those settling into their golden years, CBS. Not being anywhere near such a demographic, I initially felt my viewership will be tuned to other networks on Tuesdays, but my interest is piqued with The Good Wife featuring the return of Julianna Margulies to primetime in what is being hailed across the critics’ board as the best new drama of the season. So I find myself in an unprecedented situation (wait for it) – a CBS show could get added to my series watch list! At the very least the premiere will get a chance at proving its worth, and judging by the stellar supporting cast (Chris Noth! Christine Baranski!!) it might actually deliver on its pre-air reputation.

The Good WifeWhile the premise turned me off (probably the opposite effect the creators were aiming for) being too “ripped from the headlines” with the political scandal involving the titular character’s husband, it’s what follows and is the center of the show – how a wife, mother and woman chooses to stand beside a man of questionable merit who she changed her life for, but most importantly how she proceeds with a new direction after being thrust into this kind of harsh spotlight – that made me reconsider. Granted this series will live heavily in the world of the courtroom considering the wife used to be a crackerjack attorney who returns to her old lawfirm, in addition to dealing with her jailed husband’s wrong-doings. Very rarely do I find myself commiting to the crime & punishment shows, but my Tuesdays at 10 are open to the possibilities.

Meanwhile two other new cops & crime shows premiering couldn’t even hook me with weekly offerings of two of my generation’s heartthrobs – Chris O’Donnell in the NCIS spin-off (following in the steps of its not-in-any-way-related-but-really-isn’t-it sister show CSI) NCIS: LA and Christian Slater in ABC’s The Forgotten.

Giving it a Go

  • 10/9cThe Good Wife, CBS (series premiere)

Eh, Not Even Slick Casting Gets Me

  • 9/8cNCIS: LA, CBS (series premiere)
  • 10/9cThe Forgotten, ABC (series premiere)

Haven’t Watched Any Episode Yet, Why Start Now?

  • 8/7cNCIS, CBS

2 thoughts on “Fall Premieres – Dramas, Dramas Everywhere

  1. I don’t get NCSI at all… and now a spin off? I don’t know a single person who watches that show! It’s like the new JAG… on the air but no one can expalin why!

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