Fall Premieres – What About the Weekend?

Even thought it’s Saturday that doesn’t mean you won’t find new episodes in the TV ether, you’ll just need to look a little further up the dial on an extended cable channel. For fellow anglophiles, tonight BBC America begins playing the third season of its motherland network’s modernized (i.e. more youthful, and without tights) retelling of the classic Robin Hood story.

Robin Hood, BBC America 8/7cBeing a lover of the timeless “rob the rich to give to the poor” legend in all guises (God help me, I can even stomach Kevin Costner’s less-than-feeble attempts at a British accent), the first and second seasons, while not groundbreaking, were good fun with an enjoyablely passionate and cheeky Robin Hood, sassy/adventurous Maid Marian and comically evil (scene-stealing without being cartoonish) Sheriff of Nottingham.

Coming into the third season the show shows signs of maturing and appears to be delving into darker terrain than its previous light-hearted years, with events of the second season finale driving the hero towards all-consuming feelings of exacting vengeance on his enemies after losing all reason to care, an interesting place to put a character who is synonymus with the act of unconditional giving. Unfortunately this will be the final season for the archery ace and his merry men as the BBC announced earlier this summer they will not be bringing the series back for a fourth year.

In case you missed it, catch up with Seasons 1 and 2 available on iTunes, and watch the final 13 episodes every Saturday starting tonight on BBC America.

Set Your DVRs

  • 9/8cRobin Hood, BBC America

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